Sako extractor removal

Years ago, gunsmiths started to install them on Remington and Model Seven rifles. While the stock extractor on a Remington works well, aftermarket extractors, like the Sako and M styleare often used on custom rifles. Unlike the small piece of spring steel used on factory rifles, these aftermarket extractors can be removed as needed for cleaning and maintenance. For instance, when opening up a factory bolt from a standard to magnum face will remove the rim that retains the factory extractor.

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Machining a new retention rim is a difficult task. By installing an aftermarket extractor, the process is far easier.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of a factory, Sako and M16 style extractor on a Remington ? The factory Remington extractor above is one piece spring steel that is retained by a small lip on the front edge of the bolt nose. On older Ms and Magnum rifles, the extractor is riveted in place.

The cut needed for the Sako part is smaller than the M16 extractor, however, it does compromise the three rings of steel. Installation of the Sako extractor is somewhat easier than the M Installation of a Sako extractor on a Remingtonor Model Seven, does not require the bolt nose recess on the barrel to be enlarged. The cut is larger and more complex than the Sako. The M16 extractor also requires a precisely drilled and reamed pin hole.

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Set up for this can be difficult. Installation of a M16 extractor on a Remingtonor Model Seven, requires the bolt nose recess on the barrel to be enlarged. Of the three extractors mentions in this post, M16 extractor installation is the most difficult. For this project I will be machining a Remington Model Seven bolt to accept a Sako extractor the process for machining a Remington would be identical to the Model Seven.

The action I am using came with a. The contents of Rifleshooter. Any modifications made to a firearm should be made by a licensed gunsmith. Failure to do so may void warranties and result in an unsafe firearm and may cause injury or death. Modifications to a firearm may result in personal injury or death, cause the firearm to not function properly, or malfunction, and cause the firearm to become unsafe.This online store is only for accessories, parts and tools and only to USA addresses.

Orders for actions, barreled actions and rifles must be placed by calling in. Foreign orders also must be placed by calling or emailing to determine if order can be filled. The Sako style extractor kit includes the extractor hook, plunger and spring.

If it is being bought to be installed in Remington or other bolt the installation needs to be done by a qualified gunsmith. Your Review. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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sako extractor removal

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Thread starter D. Camilleri Start date Mar 17, Chamber options when barreling a Remington receiver are limited by action length and the inside diameter of the bolt face.

If the action has a On Remington s, this usually means replacing the factory extractor with either a Sako or M16 style system. This rifle was manufactured as a Winchester, but will be fitted for a new barrel and chambered in 7mm Remington Magnum. Badger Ordnance makes Mstyle extractor kits for standard. I selected the M16 extractor over the Sako style extractor because installation requires standard sized end mills and it is secured by a roll pin. Sako extractors require specialized end mills and are much more difficult to remove and install.

The Badger Ordnance Mstyle extractor kit includes an extractor, spring, and pin.

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Installation instructions, with detailed measurements, can be found here. This particular kit, part numberis used by the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Mk 13 sniper rifles. Both a metal lathe and milling machine are required. Additionally, the bushing needs to be silver soldered in place. The contents of Rifleshooter. A micrometer is the proper tool for checking the outside diameter of a work piece on the lathe.

It gives more accurate readings than a set of calipers. In this case the outside diameter needs to be. A high-speed steel boring bar cuts in the inside of the bushing.

The diameter is cut. The firing pin assembly, ejector and extractor are removed from the bolt. The exactors on old Remington s, like this one, are secured in place with a pin this has been replaced with a snap in version in current models.

Note the pin near the front of the bolt nose. The bolt is now secured in a La Bounty bolt fixture. A dial indicator is used to dial the bolt on the lathe. A Remington bolt is made of three pieces, the handle, body and head. Upon close examination, the bolt head can be identified it is pinned and soldered to the bolt body.Print Thread. Hop To.

Joined: Mar Years ago i saw a article where they took 2 cases and brazed them together. They then set up a bolt and a pre 64 winchester bolt for a pull off. They didn't like the results because the won but they did admit it. I also have a friend who is absolutely a controlled round freak.

sako extractor removal

One day he challenged me that my would not feed under less than ideal conditions. After the gun was totally upside down and feed as slow as possible and still worked he just walked away. Joined: Dec Michigan Yooper. My amateur opinion is that fitting a Sako or other external extractor on a transforms the action from one of the best ones to be using if a gas leak occurs into one of the worst ones. Life is like a purple antelope on a field of tuna fish Joined: Jun Vermont U.

Originally Posted by wildhobbybobby. Don't forget to have your Liberals spayed or neutered! Several years ago, I heard there was actually a death as the result of a Sako extractor being blown out of a 40X action. I can't confirm this but at the time, I had no reason to doubt the source. I have fitted Remington bolts with Sako-style extractors and have used them on my own Home-made bolts as well but I admit that they could become a missile under the right or wrong circumstances.

If the barrel counter bore is fitted a little closer than stock, it should help.

sako extractor removal

It would also be possible to fit the Remington bolt with a Sako-style block what many call the "guide rib" or a Savage type of baffle. On the last bolt I made, which I made with a removable bolt head, I actually intended to use a Savage baffle but changed my mind because I didn't want to wait for a parts order to come in.

How to remove extractors and ejectors

Remington's gas sealing system really does work and there is little doubt that the use of a Sako-type extractor compromises the design. It's a choice one has to make. By the way, failures of the Remington extractor in standard head dia chamberings is very rare; especially if the extractor is of the earlier riveted type. Magnum extractors are less reliable and would have benefitted from having a bolt about.

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Washington State. If people want those extractors so much, why not just buy a Sako? Joined: Jan Originally Posted by Dan The Remington is overbore. The 7 Rem Mag is over bore. Originally Posted by edk.The Sako TRG an accuracy concept designed to accomplish a single-minded mission: to hit the target — whatever it takes. Compositions include black, forest green or desert tan colored aluminum-reinforced stocks with various barrel and action finishes. The TRG Accuracy concept serves several military and law enforcement organizations as their primary sniper weapon system.

sako extractor removal

The rifle is also used by long-range competition shooters and is a CISM competition winner. The aluminium re-inforced composite stocks are available in two colour options: black or green. The stock is designed for both right and left handed shooters.

The butt plate is adjustable for distance and angle trough the use of spacers and is also infinitely adjustable in height and pitch. Action frame is cold hammer-forged from special alloyed steel, stiff and sturdy for extra rigidity. The receiver is stabilized with three fastening screws. Integral 17mm axial scope mounting rails with recoil stop-slots. Reliable extractor, active ejector.

The bolt is black in all Sako TRG configurations. Magazine capacities are 10 rounds for cal. The TRG update also introduced a new trigger mechanism for both the 22 and 42 models. This new mechanism ensures improved safety measures in case the rifle is accidentally dropped. It also features a new safety lever, which is ergonomically positioned and designed to make it faster and more convenient to use.

Sako rifles are proudly made in Finland and sold, in the United States, through a nationwide network of authorized dealers. Search Dealers. You will soon receive your first email from us.

While you wait, how about trying out our online Sako 85 Selector? Search form Search. BOLT 3-locking lug bolt, with 60 degree opening angle for fast bolt throw. Clear all. Filtering options. Material wood. Caliber 22 LR. Handedness Right. TRG Thank you and welcome to the world of Sako!Print Thread. Hop To. Joined: Dec Hello, I am the lucky owner of a Sako 85 Grey Wolf that won't eject. I knew about the potential issue before I ordered it, but I decided to give it a chance anyway because the dealer said if I had any issue at all, he'd give me a full refund if I wanted it.

Well, it started bad and got worse. I went and ordered the Gre-Tan springs to see if that would make a difference before making my final decision. Can anyone describe to me how to remove the extractor? I think I may have a general idea about how it's held in there, but would like to get input from someone who has done it before I attempt the swap. Joined: Oct Push down on the spring plunger with a very small flat tip screwdriver being careful not to let it slip and scratch the bolt body.

Once depressed pull out and up on the extractor. It's fiddley. When it comes free the plunger and spring will fly out with force. A bag over the bolt would be a good idea.

It goes in much easier than it comes out.

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The springs will work. Thanks for the reply, Horseman. That's more or less how I thought it came out. I hope it works!